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Roxbury, Connecticut A "Phase 2"

Barn and Pool-House 

These new buildings were “Phase 2” of a project originally completed in 2018 by DCA to compliment their main house DCA expanded in 2018. The owners wanted a barn to use for entertaining, a workshop, and a garage, as well as a bathroom for their pool. The challenge was to design a compact building that didn’t block views from the house,  yet was able to accommodate everything the clients needed. DCA nestled the building into a dramatic stone outcropping on the property, and its placement perpendicular to the main house creates a welcoming courtyard on the property.

A gated tunnel serves as the entrance to the pool and tennis court beyond, as well as an entrance to the bathroom and stairs up to the recreation room above.

The structural frame of the barn and workshop is a traditional Post and Beam structure, using traditional mortise and tenon joinery, exposed on the interior for visual impact. 


The small cabin-like pool-house has a rustic changing room and outdoor sitting area with adjoining pantry. It is also a relaxing spot to rest and refresh while using the tennis court.


An altogether harmonious collection of buildings with a series of different interior, and exterior spatial experiences

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