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Gramercy, New York City

Penthouse Renovation

DCA completely gutted this entire floor of a townhouse dating from before the Civil War, to create a sumptuous home for its owners.

Its location on the top floor allowed the apartment to be flooded with natural light and enabled raising the ceilings to their maximum height. The architecture of the spaces as well as the furnishing and decorating , were a result of a close collaboration between DCA and the homeowners. A luxurious yet homey atmosphere was created, suitable for both owners live together and work separately comfortably. Vintage light fixtures, furniture and other elements were sourced directly by the owners, and everyone worked together to refurbish, re-upholster and arrange it all. New furniture included custom made pieces designed and commissioned by DCA, tailored to the specific needs and tastes of his clients. The collaboration is continuing now,  to create a lush new rooftop garden.

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