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47th Street, New York City

Renovation of a duplex penthouse in an converted parking garage from the 1920's

This duplex penthouse in a former parking garage, which had been converted to a bakery and then to co-op apartments in 1984, needed to be completely gutted to reestablish its loft-like volumes. Stripping the exterior walls to bare brick and concrete block and then painting them restored some of the original industrial character. 

A new enlarged stair allows more natural light from the sunny penthouse to penetrate to the main level, while a new skylight over the kitchen brings even more light deep into the interior. Enlarged penthouse windows capitalize on expansive views of midtown. DCA achieved a sober, yet luxurious interior with simple, straightforward detailing, using inexpensive materials: unglazed porcelain tiles, a raw concrete fireplace, Silestone kitchen counters, painted wood cabinets and trim, and sisal carpeting. Finally, flexible track lighting allows the owner to rotate his constantly evolving collection of photographs and paintings.

Photos by Robert Mandolene Photography

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